Porsche 914-6 GT Replica, 3.0 Litre, 270 HP


914-6 GT replica, based on 4 cylinder chassis

911 3.0 litre based on 930 split case engine carter)
Special build engine with only runs 4700 Miles after renovation
Mildly build, torquee, but not super high reeving, 6500 r/m >>
270 HP on rolling road tuned, (documented)
Engine compartment plumbing is PORSCHE factory
Dry sump oil system from original 914-6
Auxiliary oil cooler
KMS fuel injection system, Type MD 35, with PMO throttle bodies
Wasted spark ignition
Active Lambda regulated
Gearbox: gear box reversed 911 S gearbox in a 914 case
Recent complete renovated (documented)

Vin Number: 4752904091
Model year 1975
Colour: Nepal orange L20C, original
Full roll cage with taps to the inner rear trailing arm point for stiffness
GT er enforcement on the chassis
Steel GT flairs
Not restored, all original in perfect condition

Original Porsche 930 from 2nd series Turbo
Disks are ventilated, slotted and grooved
Aluminium bells
“Tillet” brake bias

RSR Suspension Bilstein, threaded sleeves
930 Turbo torsion bar
Strong sway bar

Five point harness
“OMP” racing seats
“Autometer” tachometer with tell tale
180M/h tachometer from original 914-6
Professionally PLUMBED fire extinguisher

Wheels and tyres:
Original Fuchs 7 J x 15 inch front and 8 J x 15 inch rear
Tyres: Yokohama 205/50 ZR 15, front and 225/50ZR 15 rear
Very nice, expensive build 914-6 GT replica, sale on request of client, who bought this car from first owner
All original, un restored and in perfect condition